Treinamentos livres na GovLab!

Recebi esse convite e repasso para vocês, para quem tem ou pretende fazer projetos de iniciativas cívicas, eis uma boa oportunidade de treinamento gratuito ofertado pela The GovLab Academy.

Dear colleagues

With the sponsorship of the Knight Foundation, The GovLab Academy is holding a series of free coaching programs <> for individuals or teams in government and civil society that have projects in specific open government areas and would help to refine/advance/scale them.

The courses that have applications open now are:

Data Analytics for Change <> – Application due April 10th
Today’s society generates data at an astounding rate. Yet there are challenges to deriving useful and actionable insights from big data. This program will focus on how to design, implement, and evaluate analytics projects so that they consistently deliver measurable, scalable results.

Open Contracting Projects <> – Application due April 10th
This group is designed for those with projects focusing on fully realize the promise of open contracting on all stages and contract types, from more basic contracts for the procurement of goods, to complex contracts, joint venture agreements, licenses and production sharing agreements.

Citizen Engagement Projects <> – Application due April 24th
Rightly managed, citizen engagement leads to more effective and legitimate governance actions and decisions. This coaching program is designed to help the leaders of such efforts, especially at the city level, make them more focused and more actionable.

Open Data Driven Decisions for All <> – Application due May 1st
Open data refers to the growing practice of making government data freely available, easily machine processable and without any restrictions on reuse. This course is designed for individuals and small organizations (including SMEs) eager to develop open data data-driven decisions.

Please review them to see if one of those areas matches a current challenge you are facing now and have a related project in. If you have any questions, please let me know. And also forward to all your colleagues that you think might be interested!


Maria Hermosilla
Research Associate

The Governance Lab
NYU Polytechnic School of Engineering

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